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3/6/15 This is my layout for the HKC March Week 1 challenge and the Digital Art Challenge to use the glowing edges filter tutorial, Filter Class Lesson 8.

For the glowing edge filter, I duplicated my wilderness shape and applied the filter.  Thereafter, I flipped the shape horizontally, applied a blending mode, and changed the drop shadow setting to the color white with a different blending mode on the shadow.  The new layer style is what caused the white glow above the shape.

For March, HKC's devotions (through first week of April to include Easter) are on the theme "Journey to the Cross."  I like that!  I like that the theme is all about Lent as that is where my mind is focused daily right now.

The devotion for Luke 4:1 focused on being lead by the Holy Spirit.  I set out my Bible study with that theme in focus, thinking there surely wasn't much text I could add to my page as I studied, but goodness was I wrong!  I never know where God is going to lead me through these Bible studies.  I went from "feeling lead by the Holy Spirit" to "lead me to fulfill His purpose and plan" to realizing that "the Holy Spirit not only leads us into the warm fuzzie stuff, but also the wilderness."  From there, the thought process progressed into "why God leads me into the wilderness" and the "difference between testing and temptation."  I cannot believe I got all this learning from one Bible verse!  It took me several hours to study this one verse.

There is a fine line between tempting and testing and I encourage you to take your own Bible study journey.  I'm glad I did because now I believe I will be more careful in choosing my words when writing and to be able to write with more purpose.

I ended my study considering the words of the Lord's Prayer.  Can you believe how my study journey took me?  Yes, I should pray and trust God to give me strength in faith no matter where He leads me, but it is also okay to be bold and pray that He does not test me through allowing temptations as well.


Altered Amanda said…
Love the thought and soul you put into your posts. And I love the "desert look"!
DebR said…
This is absolutely amazing! Love the desert look, and colors. Really got into all the words you put on this.
Opened my eyes to some things.
Tricia Berg said…
That sounds like such a productive Bible study and your page turned out great! I agree there is such a difference between temptation and testing. Just as your layout shows, God does not tempt anyone, but He does test us.
anitab said…
I'm really liking your Bible Journaling pages. It's interesting - the temptation/testing subject has come to me from several directions recently - always a sure sign that God is wanting me to 'get' something!
Hummie B said…
Thanks for your kind comments all!

Yes, Anita, we are calling those coincidences "God winks!"

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