Matthew 12:46-50 What's in a family #digitalbiblejournaling #illustratedfaith

6.28.15 This week's HKC Take Me Deeper devotional and Bible verse was on Matthew 12:46-50 and the Digital Art Challenge was to utilize my pinching a charm tutorial, Course 2, Lesson 90.

I awoke at the crazy hour of 5 a.m. today and I've sat here for hours feeling totally uninspired and pushing myself to do this layout.  I started, as always, with underlining the verse and doing research in commentaries and thinking on the verse.  I personally love how the "blood relatives" and "obedience is thicker than blood" came together with the "adopted through the blood of Jesus."

I was not initially inspired, however, for anything else on my page.  The tutorial did not inspire me, but I was to work with it.  I began looking through folder after folder of digital scrapbooking supplies collected over the years and nothing inspired me.  I even deleted some folders.  I could not find a charm or anything that hung that would work with pinching a ribbon.  I could not find any colors or papers that inspired me.  I could not find any word art that seemed applicable.  Nothing.  A big nothing.  Until I came across this frame with the ornate stuff at the top.

It was the "frame" instead of a "charm" that inspired me in that the words "What's in a family photo" spilled out of my head.  Finally, something artistic that spoke volumes and tied it all together.

I have been saying it time and again on these bible journaling journeys I take, pushing myself to put the pieces together between the technique and the verse to make them applicable, and just taking steps to move forward and just do, that eventually something comes together.  I can sit back and say, "ahhhhh, thanks God for that artistic high today and for teaching me through Your Word!"

I learn time and again that ideas and inspiration and art cannot be forced.  You have to just keep moving and wait for them to pop into your head.  Sometimes it happens faster than others.  Today it was not very fast, but when it happened, I knew it was right.


Tricia Berg said…
Awesome process, thanks for sharing! I don't know about you, but I have WAY too much stash and it is impossible to find what I want at any given time. So many designers number their elements with only the kit name instead of naming them something, KWIM? I have been fortunate that the times I forgot to do the tutorial along with my page, I was able to go back and edit it in. Phew! ;)

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