Rambling About Last Week & my Genealogy Website

My newsletter email went out and when I opened it I realized how little I had blogged last week.  So I thought I would share a post about what is going on in my week last week, with some cell phone photos.

First, I decided to subscribe to Ancestry for one month and since it cost a lot of money, my focus has turned to using that time wisely.  How crazy that site is!  I'm so hooked! I keep clicking and it keeps suggesting more documents and there is no way I can get them all downloaded before the end of the month's time, much less organized onto my website.  You can see here some transcription of census I began last week and it took me a while just to figure out the best way to put all that information onto the pages, much less sit and read and make notes and analyze.  I have so many surnames too!

Plus, this is just fun to be reading and pulling stories from information I have in boxes.  For instance, read the story of my however-many-great-grandma wandering the streets during the war, or another great having died in the Franco-Prussian War, or reading old obituaries and transcribing them (there are many on the site now),  or beginning to write biographies and putting pieces together (to be revised many times as I collect and analyze more info).

I just don't have time for other stuff right now as I only have so much free time.
I love St. Patrick's Day and I work this green shirt for the day.

Thursday was St. Patrick's Day and I stopped my car to take a photo of my neighbor's beautiful tree.

Hubby and I decided to go out to eat for St. Patrick's Day to celebrate our Irish heritage.  I do not drink beer! Now, I had a good laugh in that the Irish are known for "pubs" and the German are known for drinking bear, and I am the majority Irish and German (a little Indian) and yet I do not like bear!
Friday night I decided there was no way I could do both hubby's genealogy and mine in one month and we sat all evening teaching him to navigate ancestry and how to download documents and just name them and drag them to the right folders to store them away.  I sure hope he helps me!

He could not hunt and peck to type the titles of the documents because the keys had all worn off my very old laptop, so we hand wrote them with a marker and had a good laugh about that.
Saturday I decided we needed to paint our son's bedroom at his house before the weather began to get warm.  Now I love teal, but this bright teal is just ugly as a wall color and then there were these deep purple accents painted all over the room, like over the electrical outlets.  Our son had a roommate move out quite some months ago who had lived in the room since our son bought the house, so this was our first opportunity to paint the room.  It is now our son's weight room.

I spent a lot of time selling for our son too.  We are giving him our two leather recliners and I told him he needed to get rid of furniture first before we brought them over. It was time consuming stopping painting to type on my phone on Facebook and to meet people.  I sold his BBQ Grill, old washer and dryer, and two chairs.  The house felt much lighter.  At first my son and I tried moving the washer and drying up the steps to the garage to sell it.  We managed to get the dryer up the stairs, but gave up on the washer and called for someone to take it away for free.  What a delight when the guys who bought the BBQ Grill went to get some money and also bought the washer and dryer.  How quickly they just picked it up and put it in their truck!  I was amazed!

I also took over an hour to clean his nasty bathroom and tub and all, as well as some dusting in the house and other cleaning.  When his roommate moved out, she left trash everywhere and no one had bothered to clean it up, so we gathered a pile at the street and hubby put it in his truck for disposing.

We had not eaten anything all day and it was nearing 6 p.m. and I was growing weak from all the work, so we went home.

We went back on Sunday for a few hours and took the recliners from our house.

I had to laugh when I saw this on the window in the room we were painting.  I remember these well from the 1970's when they were given to every child in school to be put on the windows so the firefighters would know which rooms were children's rooms to check them first should the house be on fire. I always thought it was a stupid idea, even as a child. What if the child was in the living room when the fire broke out? Or not even home and they took time to look for the child while the parent died?  It took forever to get this off the window and I spent a lot of time cleaning the windows too.  It seemed to me they had never been cleaned since they were installed!
Here we are in a blurry selfie as "painting parents." I had my brush in hand, but cut it off in the photo.  We feel blessed to be able to help our son make his house feel new.
For whatever reason, unknown to me, hubby thought he was in trouble and went to sleep on the couch.  I had to laugh when I spotted Ria followed him.  We always say that Ria is like hubby and Tizzy is like me. Where did I find Tizzy? Waiting for me in the bed!

This is the last photo of the recliners too!  Taking them out gave us so much room in the living room.  We spent time Sunday vacuuming and mopping the whole house, as well as other cleaning.  There is so much room in the living room now!

We watched t.v. from the couch Sunday night, the only place to sit now, and the girls were so confused. They did not know where to sit and did some pacing and adventuring around the couch.  The couch has two recliners in it and we never used it, so it is good to use it now.  I enjoyed looking out the window while I watched t.v.

We are going to put a bed in the living room! Under the window!  Yep. I'll share when we get that done, but it might be a while.

My Bridal's Wreath is blooming now and it is as gorgeous as ever.

I have totally gone off my diet due to the lack of support from hubby and, well, actually the total opposite, his sabotage! I wrote this a week ago Wednesday (March 9) on MFP.  This past Wednesday, having logged in 30 days and lost nothing, I just lost all motivation.  Can I pick it up and try again? I don't think so unless I can get hubby on board to really support me. I need someone to do this week me and to be buddies to care and hold each other accountable or the sabotage of my husband wins. I just can never find that person.

"I'm so angry with my hubby right now, unable to sleep cause I'm angry, and I want to reach over and punch him in the side in his sound sleep, for sabotaging all my work during the week. I give up. I can't do this with no support system."

And then wrote this on Sunday the 13th:

"Why should I work hard all week just to have hubby constantly un-do it. I told him Saturday when he was on a trip to get milk and a few other things NOT to get any wine or chips, but just a few of the healthy crackers that I can eat with some cheese. He even said during discussion, oh, now I don't want to suggest it, etc. So I was not in any stress mode, feeling good, and was able to resist. What did he do? He brought home wine and chips! So we had it Saturday night. THEN what does he surprise me with on Sunday? He not only bought one bag, but two! So we ate another bag on Sunday! He KNOWS that my one thing I cannot resist if it is in the house is potato chips. If they are there, I eat them. All of them. So when I shop, I just don't buy them. I can resist them in the store, but not in my cabinet. He can buy all the sweet stuff he wants and eat it himself and I have no problem not touching it. So it's not like he doesn't have choices for himself. I feel a TOTAL lack of support. He pretends to support me, but he doesn't really. It's like he LIKES me being fat. Then there's the attractive thing. How can he be attracted to this? (sensitive eyes don't read further), but I feel like I'm just a hole for his own satisfaction and how I look doesn't matter to him. I could be 450 lbs and he'd be fine. I feel like he's trying to kill me through food! Let's get rid of this wife by feeding her too much so she'll get fat and have a heart attack -- kind of killing. So why work hard all week when he's just going to go buy things and constantly offer me things and not stop asking if I want to eat this or that until I eat something? I'm beginning to think my only choice is to make him sleep on the couch until I loose "x" amount of weight. Maybe then he'll have more motivation to support me. I've logged faithfully for about 25 days, for what? To be no further ahead than where I started. So why try? Especially with a sabotager working against me!"


Tammy said…
You've been busy!
anitab said…
So glad you're getting a chance to do genealogy work - it is so addicting, I need to get something else done....
anitab said…
Now I've been to your genealogy site - it's WONDERFUL!! I'd love to take lessons from you on how to do that!!! (Couldn't see a way to comment there, so came back here to let you know that I think it's great.)
Cheryl B said…
Thanks Anita,

I've been working so hard in recent weeks and I'm only touching the surface. I just don't have enough time in the day to do genealogy and scrapbooking it seems. But these are my life stories, so it is important to work to document them.

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