Week 3 Diet Doophus

Here's my week 3 report!
Week 1:  8.2 loss
Week 2:  7.8 loss
Week 3:  9.4 loss

So, what really happened was that I lost a good amount of weight in week 2, but by a fluke, my weight went up one day.  I really have not lost anything in the last week.

I have not been very good either.  I had a rough end to last week and ended up with comfort food on several days.  Then there are those sweets in the break room for birthdays.  Then there was Sunday when I decided the new Duncan Donuts around the corner from our house was going to have to be tried out sooner or later.  I was careful and logged the calories, but then small group later in the day had yummy snacks.  Several days I did not finish logging.

Although I only had half focus for the week and did not exercise, other than dancing Friday night, I am pleased to have held the weight steady and not gained. I shall choose to see the glass half full and think on the positive.


Tammy said…
New week! :)

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