Digital Bible Journaling - Heart Soul Mind

As always, you can use any art medium however you are inspired to do the challenge.  I am pursuing my newfound love of Digital Art Journaling to do these challenges.  I had an easy time studying the Word and typing the text as the thoughts came to me, but I struggled for a long time today creating the artwork for this layout.  Persistence pays off because eventually, it all just came together and I rather like it.

I was given a new way to look at this verse today: Matthew 22:37, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  You can read that outlook in the text on the graphic though.

This week's Digital Faithart Challenge is to use the offset filter tutorial, course 2, Lesson 70. I had a little difficulty in that I tried offsetting the heart shape.  I tried turning some of the split pieces, but that did not work.  Instead, I just pulled them apart and moved them a few pixels, so the offset is not great.  However, I do like how the line of them brought together the two sides of the layout.

Here is the song with the devotion on His Kingdom Come.  This week I did not use it for any of the text, but I played it several times as background music to lift my spirit.  I really like Kari Jobe and her gift for music.


diann said…
I resonates with the phrase "keep your love in all parts of me"
Hummie B said…
Hi Diann! What a sweet surprise to see you posting on my blog! Blessed! I love that -- Keep your love in all parts of me!"
lorhen82 said…
This is lovely Hummie! You're right - our studies did lead us in the same direction. It's so amazing to me that if you keep those two most important commandments, you will have already kept the rest of them!
anitab said…
Beautiful - both the layout and the thoughts expressed. Love - so simple, and yet (sometimes) so difficult.
Dawn said…
Love the layout and the journaling.

And... correct me if I'm wrong... but didn't I sing that song at your church? My brain is failing me!! Ahh!
I don't remember! I could go back and look at videos, but I'm choosing not to spend time on it. Thanks for your kind comment about the layout.

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