Everything I need to know I learned in my Garden

Begin early. But it's never too late to start.

It if doesn't work, try something else.

Life is fragile, Protect it.

Life is enduring. Trust it.

Life is daily. Water it. Weed it. Prune it.

Life is indescribably beautiful. Enjoy it and say thank you.

Growth takes time. Be patient. And while your waiting, pull a weed.

There's something for everybody--different blooms for different rooms.

Pruning hurts. Pruning helps you grow.


Sometimes the tiniest flowers smell the sweetest.

To everything there is a season. But know what zone you're in.

Dream big. But try not to let ambition turn your joy into drudgery.

Grow what you love. The love will keep it growing.

You reap what you sow. But there will be surprises.

Now...try reading this again from a Christian point of view!


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