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I realize and feel horrible that most that are following my blog are following it for other reasons, such as digital scrapbooking tutorials and inspiration, or for Bible Journaling and Christian stories, and that I have been failing in that area.  I just cannot do it all.  I stayed committed to those things for so many years and I feel I need to get back to my genealogy while I still have a few people whose brains to peck for stories and help filling in the blanks.  I'm not giving up scrapbooking, making new videos, inspiration, or studying God's Word, but my time in these months right now are changing focus and it may be boring for some readers.  I'm afraid I will loose readers, but I am me and if you like me and care about me, hopefully you will follow all of me!

I am still studying with the Good Morning Girls and posting in the Facebook group.  They started Deuteronomy this week.  I'm trying to hang with Tammy SOAPing about Ecclesiastics by private email. Eventually I'll take a days break and do something creative to share.  I need to get back to resharing at least old blog posts.

Here is what I've been working on the last week or two.  This is crazy time consuming!  But exciting!  I sent this email out to family and I put it here because I want to share with those interested and for my own "diary" of sorts of what I did when.


I am excited about progress on my great-grandfather's line, James William Wright, and want to share with you recent updates to the website.

James William is the one great-grandparent I have known very little about.  A few years ago, while helping a genealogy society with their website, a man asked me for my brick wall and the next morning I woke up and he had broken it for me.  He found James William's death date.  With this date, I was able to order his death certificate to learn more information about him.  After that, I have not had time to do genealogy.

Another necessary piece of information was obtained from my many years of traveling to Pilot Knob, where Granny (Lucille Treadway)'s heart remained, and sitting on a distant relative's porch and chatting.  His name is Chester. I smile every time I visit him because he recognizes me immediately and calls me "Wilson's granddaughter."  He was very fond of Grandpa Rutledge and Lucille.  Funny, but he always calls her "Mrs. Treadway."

Chester's ancestor is Daniel Boone Wright.  The vital information Chester gave to me was that James William Wright was related to Daniel Boone Wright.  Some of the photos you see Chester gave to me.

I had done some of this research years ago, but mostly had a lot of speculation.  Now with the death date, birth date, and parents names of James William, plus the fact that research is much easier to do with today's technology than 10 years ago, I was able to break through many barriers and pieces of the puzzle fell together.

Click here to visit James Williams Wright's page.

There is a lot to take in, so you will need time to sit down to soak it all in.  For my own benefit, because it takes so much time to rethink things I have already followed in the past, some of the information is noted as a "possible." You will also see notes of "need to find."

We start with John and Alee.  I am confident these two are ancestors, but still looking for more information on them. I do not have it up yet on the site, but I have read on a message board that Alee is Cherokee.

I have two sons for John and Alee, which is odd to me because in the other lines I research, people of this generation have many more children.  There may be more, but I have not found them.  These two brothers are Daniel Boone Wright and Nathaniel Thomas Wright.

James William Wright's father is listed on his death certificate as "Tom" and for years I had been trying to make connections with another Thomas Wright from the same area in Iron County.  Certain things were not clicking.

I knew from the 1900 census that James William was living with his Uncle, Daniel Boone Wright.  That census is key information.  I knew from that census that Daniel Boone Wright had a brother, "Nathaniel T. Wright."

It was not until last week when I discovered that the "T" stood for "Thomas" and all the puzzle pieces began to fall into place.  Nathaniel Thomas Wright is "Tom Wright" on James William Wright's death certificate.

In that 1900 census, we also see some siblings of James William Wright.  One of which is "Jessie" which makes sense that my Grandma Jessie Mae would be named after her.

I found a very interesting story in the newspaper about James William being a communist and fighting in the Spanish Civil War.  I was in shock for a day saying, "a communist!"  I found it because the article mentions at the end he is living with his daughter, Ruby Maiden, and I was searching Ruby's name when it came up.

I was excited to finally have a photo of my great-grandfather!  It was in the newspaper article!  There is one other photo of him on the website too.

The newspaper article and many other documents are linked on the pages, so be sure to click on the links to read and see more.  My goal is to put the supporting information right on the page.

I began last week writing a biography page for James and Lucille Wright. (They are Jessie Mae Wright Rutledge's parents). Click here to see that page.  With documentation, things are all falling into place and their story is coming alive and I am excited about that!  I have more information to go through, so the page will continue to change.

In addition, I want to start adding photos which I know everyone will be interested in.  The photos tell a story too.  Now that I know what James William looks like, I may find more photos of him too in unidentified photos.

Also, I have these photos in my mind I am trying to locate that I initially thought were Rutledges, but when I showed them to Chester years ago, he told me, "oh, those are those Wright brothers."  Now I think I know who they are, Daniel Boone and Nathaniel Thomas Wright.  I need to find those photo.

I discovered James William has a third name, that of "McKinly" from two sources.  I am curious if that name will come up again somewhere in the family line.

The last revelation I had was when I realized from the census Nathaniel Thomas worked in the lead mines as a lead.  I am not finding his death date and he just disappears from the census while his children are with his brother, Daniel Boone.  I am now curious if he died in the mines.  I am feeling a day trip to visit the mines sometimes this summer in Flat River.

The family is from the Flat River area, but it seems Daniel Boone Wright moved to Iron County and that is where James and Lucille met in Caledonia, where Lucille was staying with her grandparents, the Douglas's.  Some of that information is on the Douglas line of the website.

I know this email is long, but there is so much to share.
One more thing I want to mention for those that have not been receiving emails from other lines I have been working on, please go to the homepage of the site and view the map.  It is really interesting to see locations on the map of where people lived.  You can zoom in and get street views.  I have started adding some of the locations for this line and they are in the burnt brown color.  Be sure to click to open up the key in the upper left corner of the map box.

Feel free to pass this email on to other family members interested in reading.  If they want to get the emails directly, there is a sign up form on the front page of the website.

Have fun reading! Until the next update,


Bernie said…
Love how this stuff all comes together! So much work but so fulfilling!! xx
anitab said…

I have SO delighted that you are prioritizing time to work on your family history! What a gift to your whole family; and (I imagine, based on how it works for me!) so satisfying for you!

What a blessing, that you have two passions that intersect so beautifully - and in both cases you are preserving memories!

I'm watching what you are doing on your genealogy site, and I will be learning many helpful things from you in this area, as I have with digital scrapbooking.

Cheryl B said…
Thanks you two! Your kind comments make my day!
Tammy said…
Wow! Very interesting stuff there!

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