Important Announcement: Name Change/URL Change

Hey all, I've let this set for a while, deciding what to do. It hit me on a whim today that this is what I need to do.

Since I'm no longer promoting a business and this is more of a website of things I personally love and my hobbies, I'm going to go ahead and remove Hummie's World, but I am going to stick around online and move everything over to my existing personal website (which is currently just a genealogy website). It will just mean that you will have to go to a new url for tutorials and the HW name will no longer be used, but the resources will still be available online. I am simplifying life.

This will open me up to being more about all the things I love and not just about a few hobbies. I will get to be me with my real name without worrying about what others think for business purposes.

I'm not giving up the hobby of digital scrapbooking by any means! There are still the two Facebook groups, one for learning digital scrapbooking and one for digital & hybrid bible journaling. I'll still share things about those topics, but I think it is fair to let this blog and website be about all the things I love and my hobbies and not just focused on a few.

I hope you will continue to chat with me online as I do so enjoy it. I really LOVE all the people that hang out with me and like my posts and chat with me. You mean a lot to me and make my day every day! I've always been amazed that people are interested in what I have to share. Little 'ol me (okay, big me on the outside, little on the inside) is interesting enough to follow?

It will take me a little while to transition all of my accounts, but it has already started taking place.

Oh, and the name is My Corner Online. I've already changed the name on Youtube and Twitter, deleted the business Google Google + page, and changed the name on Facebook. Here is the newly named Facebook page.


Dawn said…
It will for sure take some getting used to for some, but I think that in the long run, this is what you needed to do for YOU. I of course will still be following you, my friend!
Thanks friend! Simplifying life is what I keep doing. There is a time to grow and a time to cut back!
Tammy said…
Sounds like you've found something that will work for you!! I'll continue to follow you wherever you go. :D
Thanks friend!

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