Learning Bootstrap and Not Wanting To!

I worked a long time all Saturday morning and into the afternoon trying to learn bootstrap coding so I can change the template on my website to keep up with new technology.  It felt like wasted time.  All I got done to show for it was a shell of a navigation bar on the homepage.

I did a lot more than that in that I played with various template forms and watched Youtube videos (and why do so many record with no sound?) to learn.  I copied some pages of my site and did a test site to see if I could get the current pages to work with a bootstrap template.  I was happy when I discovered that I could, but then later discovered that I will have to re-attach the new template one page at a time, after I get the template done.  There are thousands of pages!  At least that is mundane rote work that does not require thinking.

The navigation menu does look much nicer on the smart phone and tablet as it collapses to fit the screen.

I am combining two websites into one, so the drop down menu for the tutorials is rather long and I am trying to figure out what to do to consolidate some of that.

The wrapping of text on the desktop browser is not working right and makes it hard to read, so I have to figure that out next.

Then I have to figure out how bootstrap changes the way text looks.  The coding I current have seems to be working in Dreamweaver, but not when I go to the browser.  How long will that take me?  I am hopeful I can do some find and replace in coding to change the text once I learn it.  I have a beginning grasp that the text is related to header codes, which I never used before.

I have no idea what to put on the home page with two unrelated sites being together.  Right now it's just garbage text there.

This bootstrap has long been on my mind and I don't know why they couldn't leave a good thing alone and they have to always change things.  But if I can master this and get it done, at least I'll have that off my mind as a worry.


Tammy said…
Sounds like a lot of work!

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