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Hey all, since I'm planning on teaching a social media evening class next Fall, I decided I needed to clean up my LinkedIn profile. I've done a lot of work to it yesterday and would love to connect with you.  I've never really spent much time on LinkedIn and I was endorsed for so many skills I did not know I had! lol I removed those.

But I really could use some recommendations for my real life job of legal assistant and teaching and writing skills.

I changed the profile from the "Hummie" name and completed the page with the real me.  Click here to find me.  It may confuse some who do not recognize me by my real name who had already connected.  

Seriously! How do I remember everything I volunteered for? I'm too old and have done too much to remember all this stuff.
Calling all young people! Use this as a tool to document stuff as you go!

I had a scare yesterday when I could not find my resume.  Hubby finally found it, but it made for a stressful day.  There is no way I can recreate all that I did in high school and college!  I realized a lot of my life story is right there on my resume. The first thing I am going to do is scan it in so I have a digital copy! 

I am seeing LinkedIn more as a life story without the meat of who a person really is down inside.  I cannot deny that I was thinking how easy it is now for hubby to know all the stuff I did should I die before him and he need it for my funeral.  This is the kind of stuff that is listed when someone dies, their accomplishments and how they spent their life.  But what a person did for a living and their organizations and volunteering is not who a person is, but is often how society looks at a person.  I see LinkedIn as a society thing where people promote themselves and have to conform to a business molding where people judge them.

I put up a photo of me and my dog, but that is not very professional.  I do not have many photos of me that are professional and I should get one done, or at least have hubby try to take something more appropriate.  I'm afraid people will judge me by my photo and I struggle with myself whether to stand out and not conform and make a statement or fit in to the mold.  I suppose my goal would be to fit in because LinkedIn is serious stuff which may help you get a job in the future.  Employment and professionalism is its purpose.

I find it difficult to promote myself and to talk about myself in the third person when writing about myself.  That is the way LinkedIn works.  I am going through a learning curve and pushing myself outside the box.  


Dawn said…
I can certainly understand your concerns regarding this. I myself have a LinkedIn account, but haven't used it. I'm trying now to log in and I'm finding it difficult to do so, as I haven't a clue what the password is lol! Hopefully the security question answers are easy for me to remember haha.
This is a good idea to keep track of what you have done. I really should look into this.

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