See my new place to relax! I love it! & Couch Covers

Last weekend I sewed a lot! I made these couch covers for our outdoor couch and used painters drop cloths!  I bought two 6 x 9 cloths at $11 each and cut them in thirds.  I merely zig-zag stitched around the edges in hopes that would keep them from unraveling.  I usually fold the material over and straight stitch, but I'm testing to see how zig-zagging works. I may need to re-sew edges. It also keeps the material bigger.

I used mattress clips on the back side to hold them together.

I love how it turned out!  I love the color and now I need a nice teal pillow to add to the couch.

The couch cushions are still good, but I am protecting them.  I need something I can take off and wash and throw back on after the birds do-do on them.  Last winter the squirrels went after it too and the cover I had on it was damaged.  You could see the squirrel claw marks.  There is one small tear in one cushion from that, but otherwise the cushions are still in good shape.  The material also gets dirty on the cushions from dog paws or other creatures walking on it.  So I have determined covers are the best way to go.

I had bought a cover at wal-mart last year for a couch and it never did fit right and it kept coming off. Eventually we tucked it in and left the top exposed.  It was rather annoying actually.  I think we paid about $40 for it too.  That is why this $22 is fabulous for the drop cloths!  The mattress clips were a little expensive at $5 per 4 and I needed one set per cushion (total cost of $30), but they are a one time cost that can be used for years, even with the next set of material I may need to buy.  Plus, the covers are set in place and not moving like the other cover I bought last year.  I'm so happy about it!

This is what I've been working on the last few weeks. I have a new window seat! We gave our son the leather recliners and put this in the living room instead. I sewed linen curtains, linen cover, and pillow cases. #ilovelinen it feels so good. 
The sunshine coming through the curtains and showing the texture is appealing to me. 

I will add to my pillow obsession over time. I like to make my own pillow covers, so I can change them out with the seasons. I made neutral colors to start with. 

We had new windows put in and the guy said he could never put a bed in the living room because he would spend all his time there. I told him that was the idea! 

Judge me if you want, but I'm the one that's going to be relaxing in my cozy window seat not caring what you think! :) 

It is multiple purpose to. People can sit on the end just like a daybed and also guests can sleep here. We have a guest bedroom now too, so all we need is some company. 

Come on over! Cozy awaits you!

Watching the sun rise and loving the sun coming through the curtains.
See how pretty the sun is!
This color is off in this photo, but it does show the texture I can see of the real linen.  It is always about the simple little things for me and I just love the quiet soft color and the texture showing through the sun.

I like to think of this spot as a new little sanctuary, a place I can get away to and be with God.


Tammy said…
Love your new spot!!! It's beautiful. :)

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