SITE MOVE & RENAME! Hummie's World

Minimalism seems my theme as an empty nester. I keep getting rid of more and more in my life.

Since I am no longer marketing and promoting Hummie's World and am doing many more hobbies with my time, I decided to consolidate my websites. It is a good answer to those hoping I keep the information online and me downsizing my life.

I'll still be around social media and I hope you still follow me. I'll still do and share some digital stuff. I'll still put out blog posts linking to tutorials too and I may still do a new one eventually.

Read here.

Please update your links. I've been changing them everywhere.

Site is being moved to be with my personal genealogy site. Some links may still not work, but eventually I will find them all and get them fixed, but for the most part I think it is good.

Save this link for website.
Save this link for blog. All the old stuff is still there, it just has a new url. Please update your Feedly or other readers.

Other links have changed too and they are in the sidebar of the website. I won't list them all, but a few.

Save this link for Facebook Page.
Save this link for store.
Save this link for Twitter.
Save this link for G+

I'm not changing. I'm still me. If you are already following because you like the things I am sharing, that will not change. This is just going to be more of a personal thing than a business thing for me now to encompass all the things I love and love to share, rather than focused on just one thing.

Please do share these links with others and please do hit the share on anything I post on Facebook or on the website. I'm working hard to leave all these good resources online and I just want them to be useful to others.

You see, I'm far more committed to this hobby than all those who merely close their business for lack of money over the years. This hobby is a part of who I am and what I love to do and I just want to hang out with you and have fun.


Tammy said…
Thanks for the links. :) I'm so glad the tutorials aren't going away!!! I still have some I need to finish!!
anitab said…
I really appreciate that you have found a way to keep "Hummie's World" while at the same time consolidating. Quite honestly, I need to find a way to keep scrapping, when the lure of the 'search' for my roots is calling so strongly. You are doing a great job of balancing - thank you for the good example!
Maggie Adair said…
Thanks for the links and how to access everything. Still one of my first 'go to' so appreciate it all still being available
Glad to see someone still on th eblog! You all make me feel encouraged.

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