Sunday photos

Every ‪#‎flower‬ ‪#‎garden‬ requires rubber-bands ‪#‎mytip‬ Fold over the tops of daffodils and surprise lilies leaves to make neat little tuffs until they die back, so that they will bloom. All bulbs require the leaves to die back as they draw nutrients into the bulb. ‪#‎tidy‬ ‪#‎flowerbed‬

A corner of my #flowerbed

I tried to enjoy the weekend as it was perfect weather, but time keeps getting away from me.  Saturday we spent all day shopping for a car and test driving and testing storage capacity (we actually brought our camping boxes) and by the time we got home, we were sun burnt and felt so drained!

Went to small group on Sunday afternnon and she served up this thin slice of store bought cake with fresh strawberries and it was like it came from a fancy restaurant. #simple#minamalist #enjoysimplethings#stawberries

#warning MOLS underfoot! Able to go under concrete, these MOLS have super powers! If you are dyslexic, #warning ferocious WOLS ahead! Able to appear from nowhere in an instant. Yep #comiccon is in town this weekend!#capegirardeau #arenapark #missouri

We took the dogs for a walk after small group to enjoy the weather and I spotted these wild flowers.  I took photos in hopes of identifying them later as I used to know the names, but cannot remember now.  I think I'm going to be too lazy to research.  I have so much else to do.

These and the above were next to each other and I think they are different yellow weeds.

We were shocked to see this amazing gym equipment where we started the trail. Someone told us it had been there and year and we were baffled that we did not know it was there when we drive right past it every week and even worked the ticket booth for the fair right next too it.  Surely it has not been there that long!  We played around on it (there is more to it than this view seems to show) and I think it is a great idea and think I should come use it more often!  Free sure beats paying for the gym!

This is a photo during church.  This is a view of my hands while praying.  I happened to open my eyes during prayer and thought it was an interesting view and had hubby take a photo after the prayers and then I wondered why I took it.  It seems strange that I actually take my tea to church and drink it while listening, but it is really no different than all those photos we see, such as still life photos, with our cups of tea and coffee that make the photo just feel so relaxing.  It's hard to describe what I'm thinking.  Anyway, why not sit and relax with God in his house?  This old conservative me seems conflicted.


Tammy said…
The bottom yellow flowers are St. John's Wort, I believe.
I should always ask you! You are good at flowers!

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