Yard Transformation Weekend Begins

Every year we spend an entire weekend focused on shopping for plants and planting.  I call it yard transformation weekend.  We start bringing up things from the basement to put in our outdoor haven too.

I did not want too overwhelm people with photos, but here are just a few I shared on Instagram.

The house next door is for sale and it is getting a lot of visitors.  It won't be on the market long.  I'm nervous about who my new neighbors will be and I hope they are good as the ones we have now.

Do I have too many cookies to go with one cup of tea? #shameOnMe #shamelesslife #shameless
Planted some Irish grass in my table pot so I can sit and feel it from time to time. Do you think company will do the same? Also, same as last year, some spearmint so I can grab some leaves and tuck them in my tea as I relax on the patio. #simple #simplelife #littleThings #patioLife #iHearBirds

It is #plantingSeason ! First pots are done for under the patio. Decided to try #pansies to see if the grow okay in the shade. Also a purple flower called Cineraria. Never heard of it. #iLoveAdventures Now to watch and observe.

Lily of the Valley were Grandma Rutledge's favorite flower. She used to grow them on the side of your house next to the driveway.  I spent some time today moving some of them from the front yard to the backyard. #flowers #garden #grandma


Tammy said…
Love those wee purple flowers!

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