Blending Mode Class -- Inspiration Samples Added

I am happy to report that the Blending Mode Class now has all the student images that I had been able to save uploaded to the pages as samples and inspiration. I think they are all awesome work and appreciate those students who first went though the class. I hope they help to inspire you if you are just now heading through the class.

Many of these student images for this class were too large and I spent a lot of timer resizing them for the website.  I'm glad that is done!

I have done a lot of work on the website in recent weeks.  I have finally removed all of the hundreds of links to the forum, manually searching for them one by one and manually removing them.  Since moving to the new bootstrap template, there have been many repairs that are being discovered, such as The Fun Extra's links to the blog to comment were messed up by the url change, but that is now fixed site-wide for all links to the blog to comment.  Each time something is discovered, we move forward to a better site.

I still have thousands of images to add to the class guides that were by students over the years and I am tackling them one class at at time.


Anonymous said…
Maggie Adair said…
Another course I need to finish - and I was doing so well :/

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