Bootstrap Breakthroughs! Bringing Website into the late 2010's!

I am super excited to have finally made a few break-throughs with the bootstrap coding for the new template for the website.

I feel so stupid because this is rather simple coding and yet it has taken me more hours than I care to admit to figure out the coding.  It is a bit embarrassing.  The coding is so similar to the familiar HTML, yet it is so different at the same time.  I have spent so much time merely testing a code, uploading to see what it does, and retrying, as well as googling for answers.

I had to take a break from it for a few weeks, but finally I am able to keep the navigation bar from putting each word of a two or three word link on separate lines.

I have also been playing with how to code the text as it is similar, and yet so different, than what I have on all my other pages.  Slowly I can now move forward to make other little changes.

I feel as though I can keep moving forward finally!  I have so much other to get on the template, such as the sharing icons and hidden coding, but I am beginning to test the template on more pages to see how it works with the current html on the pages.  Pages with minimal text coding are converting quickly, but other pages I need to find and replace coding.   This is proving a bit frustrating, but I will persevere!

Each and every page, of the thousands of pages I have on the site, will need to be opened, the new template applied, saved, and reuploaded.  This is going to be very time consuming.

However, in the end, it will be awesome because it does work so much better on all screens, including tables and phones.  I love the way the navigation bar works on smaller screens!  I love how clean everything looks too.

I remember how long I have smirked at websites because they have such old coding on them, such as coding from the 1990's or early 2000's.  Why don't these people update their pages?  Well, now I am experiencing the same and I know why!  It is not as easy as it looks!

At least this website won't be one that people smirk at as old technology when I'm done.

Keeping up with the technology and times is proving time consuming!


Tammy said…
You're awesome.

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