Digging Through Life | Garden Analogy

Carry through with the theme of sharing old GARDEN ANALOGY layouts, this one is also a Template Challenge and a Themed Thursday challenge.

This journaling references "digging my way through life" and needing a break.  This worm digs through life every day and is sort of just there, blah, covered in slime.  Sometimes life is like that for me where I am covered with the slime of life, always having to fight hear with perseverance to get through every little task.

The worm has a vital purpose in aerating and turning the soil as it digs, which helps plants to grow.  Without worms, our earth grown food would not be as possible.

"He who digs a pit will fall into it" Ecclesiastes 10:8a reminds me to look at life as not digging a hole that I would fall into and never get out, but rather to dig like the worm, turning the difficult into the helpful, aerating life so that God's goodness can permeate, turning over a new life, and allow the fruits of the Spirit to grow.


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