Heritage Layout: My Great-Grandma had a nickname!

I was asked to share some more of my heritage layouts. I made this one in 2008. I remember when I first received this photo and was surprised that my Great-Grandma Olga was called Ollie! Genealogy is so much fun for me. The best part is connecting with distant relatives online and them sending me information and photos. Have you ever connected with distant relatives?

I'm beginning to put my genealogy online and this family is starting to take shape here: http://mycorneronline.com/reitz/reitzgenealogymichel.html

On Flickr: https://flic.kr/p/nZA1Cp


anitab said…
Fantastic photo, fantastic layout - I don't remember seeing this before - a benefit of getting older, so many things are a fresh surprise and enjoyed all over again...

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