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I took a break from genealogy for a few weeks to attempt to merge two websites to consolidate my life, only to find myself struggling with learning bootstrap coding for a new template that is with today's internet standards. I had to give it a break and go back to genealogy. The home page of the site is a mess, but the genealogy pages still look the same for now.

I have in the last two weeks put up a LOT of information on John and Mary Michel, our ancestors. There is a lot of reading for you to enjoy, but I have so much more information to go through to add. It is great being blessed with so much information.

Their biography is beginning to take shape. It is time consuming to download documents, read them carefully, and extract information for a biography. Questions always lead to internet searches to bring the people to life. Getting side-tracked is easy to do! I spent a long time tracing splits in the church.

John & Mary Biography -- be sure to click on the links to view the supporting documents.

Home page -- be sure to view the map again as I have added many locations of our ancestors (yellow gold markers for this family. I am becoming more and more anxious to make a trip to St. Louis to visit these places to see what they are like today. There is even a restaurant where they used to live that I think would be fun to visit. In addition, the more I place this family into St. Louis history, the more I want to go to the St. Louis History museum.

New John Bergman page - Be sure to click through to read this page where I put an excerpt from John's papers about Maria (Mary)'s travels to America, as well as John's travels to Germany. This page will only grow as I sort through information. I am hoping Nancy will provide copies of these original letters John speaks about.

Upcoming notes: I have been working on preparing for sharing the Reitz information as well. I have learned that our ancestor and her daughter died in the flu epidemic of 1918. Of course, I had to read up on the history of the spanish flu. I never seem to care about history until I can relate it to an ancestor and then I want to know all about it. I found an interesting newspaper article with our Reitz that I will share. The Reitz family was well respected.

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anitab said…
I'll say it again: I really like the way you are putting your family history info together!!
Thanks for reading Anita!

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