SITE IS MOBILE-FRIENDLY ! | New template on all pages!

Whooohoooo! I'm gonna celebrate! Celebrate with me! I finally arrived at mobile friendly on my website! Only took me a year! I know this may be a silly thing to share, but it is a huge burden off my shoulders and now everyone else can enjoy my website on device. I'm moving up into the current technology! I WIN the battle of the bootstrap coding! Pass the cup please. Clink!

Also, every page on the website is now under the new template! Whoo hoooo!

The genealogy pages still need to each be opened individually because they have some coding problems, but I'm making so much progress I feel so relieved! Yes, it's basic, but I can also build on it later.

Plus, the sharing icons have been installed, so share away!

I also got the generator license fixed and so the sitemap index is up-to-date and working!

The link colors have been changed to a pretty blue and green.

I merged the resource pages which took me a long while, so that the navigation would be shorter. I did the same to a lot of other pages and even deleted a bunch of them.

There are 1442 pages on the website. Whew!
I still have 730 broken links, mostly links to the forum to fix, but that's been a project I've been working on for over a year at least, page by page as I add student images to the class pages, and I will continue doing so as I have time.

What else? Oh, I don't know, but I've been busting my midnight oil out for a while now doing little steps one at a time and I'm just tickled to feel this burden being lifted!


Dawn said…
Way to go! I'm proud of you! That sure is a lot of work!
Awwww! Thanks for commenting here!
Tammy said…
Congratulations!! I don't usually use my phone - too hard to see it, but I'll be sure and check it out. :)

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