Template Class Guides Updated with Inspiration Layouts!

Whewww hooo!  I am ready to celebrate!

With 2,339 student images on the Template Class Guides, I have finally completed adding them all to the pages for your inspiration!

Thank you to all the students who contributed.  I will add your layouts to the pages (and would love to have them) but ask that you upload them to Flickr and then leave a comment tagging me so that I can know your layout is there and grab it to add it to the pages.

I worked 5 hours this Memorial Day, from 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. to finish this class.  It's had many more hours work on it before that, but I'm thankful for a good chuck of time to work on it because otherwise that would have been an hour a day or so and 5 days of work.

I'm down to 4,182 images left to add to the class guides to other classes.  This sounds like a lot, but from where I've come from when I started this project 1 to 2 years ago (I need to look up that date), it feels like I might actually be able to finish.

I SOOOO want to stop going backwards and re-doing and move forwards with new content and scrapbooking myself!


Dawn said…
There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!
That's a fantastic story. You should be very proud of yourself. This is my first time here and I came from your FB page to tell you Congrats! I started as a scrapbooker and then moved to cards. I'm missing the scrapbook side lately and you've encouraged me to rethink it. Thank you for sharing and keep plugging away.
Maggie Adair said…
Mission accomplished. Well done Hummie. I look forward to having some time off to start these lessons
Tammy said…
Very happy for you!!

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