Themed Thursday Class | Completed | NEW challenges!

I finished updating the Themed Thursday class guide pages with the layouts I managed to save from the students in the forum.  I had to make many new pages so each challenge has its own page, making the navigation as I went along.  That takes a while and I am glad it is done.

There were 19 pages at the end with no new theme, so I added new themes for anyone who many still be hanging around waiting for new challenges!  I sure hope so because those pages could sure use some layouts on them as inspiration for others.

I took down the linky because I did not want to pay for another year, but if you upload them to the Flickr group and tag me somehow so I am notified, or link it to a blog comment, I will see that and be able to comment and download for the page.  You can sure on Facebook too, but that gets confusing and I miss things and, in addition, the images are often full size.  So if you use Facebook, maybe email them to me in 600 px.

Dawn is highlighting them in the Facebook group on Thursday as a challenge, so I wanted to get this class done.

I was curious myself because I keep saying that I have thousands more layouts to add, so I did a quick excel to add up the images by folder.  There are 5319 more layouts to add to the class guides!  I sometimes feel I will never be done with this project and be able to move on to new things.  I am determined and hope this is worthwhile and utilized, so PLEASE share the lessons and challenges on the pages of the site.


Maggie Adair said…
That's a lot of layouts!
Tammy said…
I need to remember to tag you! Thanks fora ll your work on the site, Cheryl!

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