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First posted 1/9/15.

When I read the Take Me Deeper Week 2 devotional, it hit a little too close to home. I had tears immediately behind my eyes.

This was a difficult one for me, but maybe a healing one. We lost our Granddaughter in November and the "God's Grace is Sufficient" for Abigail was the theme my son held onto as hope.

If interested, I did a few blog posts back then which include some photos and layouts:

We Will See her Again when We see Him

Worshiping Together - Abigail's Funeral

Hummie's World: Pass "go" and collect -- a six day journey

Hummie's World: yesterday

Hummie's World: Journey One Word Challenge

My focal text was inspired by Abigail's 6 day journey.

The technique this week for the Digital Faith Art challenge that coincides with the Take Me Deeper devotional is to use custom drop shadows. I really wanted to take this further than what I did and had some ideas in my head, but I think I would have to make another page to implement them outside of the Digital Bible Art Journaling. I did apply a custom drop shadow to the mat underneath the focal text.

I think I am going to start a new hashtag: #digitalbiblejournaling I am anxious to see if someone else uses it.

In addition, I had just chosen a new book to read the night before and when I read the devotional, indicating to search out Paul's difficulties in life, I realized that my book was that exact subject! Isn't God's timing awesome? How great that He brought those two together! Literally, I had gotten a bunch of books for $1 or $1.50 each a year ago and I was scrolling through my Kindle asking God to show me which one I should read for what I need now and, BAM, this book jumped out and then the next morning, the devotional matched it! Ah!

The book is To Live Is Christ by Beth Moore. Since my word for the year is "gaze" and the cover of the book with the canoes and the lake matched my want to "gaze" at beautiful things, I was drawn to it.

I made the flair in my Digital Bible Journaling and I wanted to share it with you. If you use it, please leave a link to your layout in the comments below.

Click to Download

May God's grace be sufficient for you, wherever you are in life's journey today.


Tricia Berg said…
I'm so sorry that I haven't been following your blog (or ANY blogs, as part of my attempt to simplify my life) and didn't know what you had been through. I have used your tutorials, but only after Googling what I needed and going directly to the page I needed. So again, so sorry! I have left my other comments on the gallery photo. Thank you for persevering in using your gifts to bless others despite the utter lack of gratitude that you probably face more often than not.
Hummie B said…
Awww. That meant a lot to me! Your sensitivity to my feelings is precious (and somewhat true at times). I sometimes feel "used" and I try to care about others, but don't get it back. You are a special person in tune to God.
Maggie Adair said…
Thanks for the freebie Hummie. I love your layout
Hummie B said…
Thanks for the "thanks!" Much appreciated.
Tammy said…
I have that book!! I need to read it again. :)

Thank you for the freebie.
anitab said…
First I looked at your page, which is so beautifully done. Then I read your post.

I had no idea what you have been going through. I can't even imagine how difficult it has been. I will go back and read the posts you linked.

I agree - it is amazing how God brings the same thing to us from several different sources at once - He is so good to make things clear when I might not 'get it' otherwise!

Thank you for the freebie.
Hummie B said…
Anita, Thank you for your kind comment. Yes, it seems folks have not been reading the blog, which is why I feel confirmed bringing the forum aspects to the blog a positive thing.
anitab said…
I've just signed up to get regular notices by email - I think that will work well for me!
Hummie B said…
Awesome, Anita! That email list is an advantage of using the blog over the forum. Check the new feed tab at the top too. Learn how to subscribe to comments (on the help page) to get emails.
Mom said…
I've passed through your site as I picked up your wonderful gifts but I have not taken the time to stop and read or often to even say thanks and for that I apologize. Thank you not only for all you give scrappers of your creativity, but also for sharing something so difficult and close to your heart. We lost a child 13 years ago and I know your children's pain. They are blessed to know the Lord and to have your support. The greatest blessing is to know exactly where your child is and that you WILL see them again in perfect health, someday. I can't imagine not having God in my life when such a loss happens. I've read a lot of Beth Moore books, but missed that one. I'm going to go find it now. Again, thank you so much!
Thank you for your touching comment.

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