Working on adding to Template Class

As you may recall, I added student images to the blending mode and themed thursday classes recently. I still have over 5,300 images to add to the classes.  I'm currently working on the templates and I'm up to 28 as of today.  It really warms my heart to see all these old layouts and remember the good 'ol days when so many people gathered to do a challenge and how much fun it was to see all the layouts coming in (like on this page).  Do you think we could ever get back to that again?

Maybe some day I will get all these images up and I can spend my time making some new templates again!


Maggie Adair said…
Working on the first one now ;)
grambie said…
It was really wonderful to take a visual walk down memory land with your multi-photo designed template. I agree, where are the prior viewers and participants. I miss our group that would leave love across the digital scrapping world. It is obvious that our prayer group is missed as it is truly needed. Blessings.

We do have the Digital & Hybrid Bible journaling group on Facebook where we request prayers.

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