Arrow Prayer: Be Kind; Hard Battles

Arrow prayer 3.5.15  Lord, please open my eyes and my attitude toward others and the hard battles they may be facing in their day and journey.  Often when others are rubbing me the wrong way, it is just because they are having a bad day.  For everyone who rubs me the wrong way today, and every day, Lord, I pray.  I pray that they are focused on You and that they know You and are comforted by Your great love.  Thank you, Lord, that when I pray for others it changes my own attitude so that I can react with love.  It sure is hard to pray for someone and still feel agitated by their actions!


Anonymous said…
Thank you for posting this reminder of keeping the harshness of life in whatever form from taking the joy of life.
peabea said…
One thing in a song I heard lately was 'Lord, show me my heart' so I've been asking him that of late. I know my heart is softer than most people think, but I do tend to come across as a closed door sometimes with walls that have built up over time so I usually don't open myself up to other people and can seem brisk. I am also pretty much an introvert so that doesn't help with the outgoing social person that some are. I think you are a caring person, and I can empathize with the people rubbing the wrong way. ~hugs~ to the special, helpful, giving of your talents person that I've come to know over meeting you in this virtual world. :)

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