Assorted Class Challenge -- Try this Digital Scrapbooking Class

I'm excited to announce that I have completed putting all the student layouts on the Assorted Challenge class guides. Whew!  Another one done.  I shall keep working until I get them all done!

I invite you to do this challenge.  You will find quite a few freebies along the way.  If you do it, please just comment on my blog after you upload to Flickr and link your layout.  Or wherever you can find me to share on social networking.

I now have 4,039 more images to add to the class guide pages! There wasn't too many for the Assorted Class, but it still took me a while editing every single class guide.  There were 60 of them!

Go have fun and be inspired!


AMarie T said…
Well done, Hummie. Love seeing all those layouts again.
Tammy said…
Nice work, Cheryl! You're getting there. :)
Maggie Adair said…
well done :D

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