Ecclesiastes 3 #illustratedfaith #biblejournaling Embrace Change

4.3.15 I did a devotional on Thursday and it allowed me to look at Ecclesiastes 3 differently than I ever had before.  Realizing that each statement in God's perfect timing is actually a "change" in our life brought whole new meaning to the verses for me.

As I am "tearing down" the forum and "building up" the class guide pages, this really speaks to me right now.  It is really hard and sad to see something that took years to build to be torn down.  It is slowly disappearing.  Something that I thought would be there more years than it was is going away.  This is the story of life in so many ways.  Something I spend so much time on building up, feeling it is important, is suddenly not important anymore.  Something new always seems to replace the something old.  Relationships I build seem to go away, but new ones always come along.  Loved ones pass away, but new ones are born.  I could go on with examples, yet instead will read God's list in His Word because it is perfect without me adding to it.

I also reflect on how some people have been with me through every change to the site and others have resisted change and become bitter towards me.  How is this a life teaching lesson for my personal growth?

I made this with Altered Amanda Studio's kit called "Restoration". At first I wanted to do a page on being restored, but my heart was with the layout about "change."  Then I realized that the act of being restored is in and of itself an act, or process, of change, making the layout very fitting for the kit.  The clock and the butterfly in the kit were appropriate for my "change" theme also.


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