Birthday Dancing in the Rain and Pie

#itsmybirthday Oh, the glistening rain like glitter! Dance with me baby! I love dancing in the nice rain! #havefun #lovelife
I had a great birthday! It was a three day celebration that started Friday night with my friend who made me a key lime pie and gave me presents. 

Saturday hubby and I went to Kimmswick and ate at the Blue Owl restaurant and then walked the streets and went into the shops.  It was raining the whole time! It was not a hard rain though, so we used our umbrellas and had fun dancing in the rain.  I bought a small glass pitcher as ours just broke and a white teapot.  I've been searching for a plain white teapot I like for a few years now and I spotted one! We also bought some teas and this lotion that you put on like a bar of soap.  I also got a recipe book from the Blue Owl.  We spent way too much money! We could have spent more, but kept it reasonable.

On Sunday the boys came over to celebrate my birthday and we had quality family time on the patio playing games.  Always love my quality family time.

Then there was the party of my Facebook wall! That's always fun!


Maggie Adair said…
Happy birthday. Sounds like you had a fun day with your family :D

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