Cast Thy Burdens - A Garden Analogy with a Wheelbarrow!

Another garden analogy layout. I love the idea of the wheelbarrow representing "cast thy burdens upon the Lord" (Psalm 55:22) and the flower bush that constantly needs trimming as the growing burdens. The bush produces a good thing in the end, but to get there, burdens are grown and cast on the Lord.


grambie said…
You have sent this message specifically for me, albeit I am responding late. When you scrap about David's book of Psalms, you always touch my heart. His musical abilities cry out so dramatically in his scriptures. Your Christian art journaling is always informative. Love the layout with that barrel full of greenery. (Sorry that I have been MIA, but my granddaughter's Internet is the pits, LOL. I had extremely fast Internet when I was home in Maryland.) Love you always. Shirl :)
I was just thinking about you last weekend! Shirl, you are such a blessing to me.

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