Digital Bible Journaling - Ecclesiastes 4:7 - 12

9/13/14 Once again, I am finding I love this Bible art journaling (the digital kind).  I am amazed at how long I can sit and contemplate just a few verses.  All of the text on this image came from my thoughts as I studied these scriptures.

If you are out and about in social networking (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.), I believe they are using the hashtags #digitabiblejournaling #biblejournaling  #artworship ‬ ‪#‎journalingbible‬ ‪#‎illustratedfaith #faithart‬.

For these verses, I merely got out of Bible that I've used for ages and thumbed through until I saw some text I underlined.  Then I got a screenshot of the scripture in my eSword Bible on my computer.  I created a new layer for my brush work underlining and decided to use orange for negative and pink for positive words.

This seems to be my process with all of my Bible journaling so far in that I put the Scripture in my file first and then use brushes on a new layer to highlight, underline, or circle my text, just like I would in my paper Bible.  Next, I create a text layer and start typing thoughts as they come to me.  Thereafter, I add digital scrapbooking elements, but as I continue thinking, more and more lines of text are added.

The time it takes I believe is very much the same as if I were doodling in a Bible journal book.  Just like doodling, it is amazing the focus I achieve on God's Word for such a long period of time.  I love that!


grambie said…
I feel blessed to have the privilege of reading your beautiful and inspiring Art Worship. It really helps me to prepare the day. My mornings are filled with therapist and home aid, but my afternoons are dedicated to reading the word through your email and blog. My thanks as always to you. :)
Carol said…
I love reading your blog. This one was so inspiring! After reading it I sat down and read what The Message had to say and it also was inspiring. Thank You!
Carol! Thank you so much for taking time to comment. It warmed my heart. I like The Message version too.

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