#digitalbiblejournaling #illustratedfaith #biblejournaling James 1:5

First Posted October 17, 2015
I have missed finding time to do Digital Bible Journaling.  I struggled with interruptions this morning and miss my quiet time.  I need to get my body adjusted and start waking up early again so I can have my quiet time I enjoy so much.

No need to blog about the Bible verse as it is in the graphic for you to read.

HKC shared this video below in their devotion and I had never heard of this song or artist. So I looked up Keith and Kristyn Getty and found GettyMusic.com. They live in Northern Ireland and that heritage is reflected in their style of music and since I have family heritage to Northern Ireland, I am drawn to that aspect. They actually write the lyrics and music to new "hymns" and their most popular song is “In Christ Alone.”  I found that awesome to see music I know as originating from the Gettys.  I added their Youtube feed to my Feedly.  Of all the interruptions to my study this morning, this distraction was a welcomed find.


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