Elements, Faithbooking, and Filter Challenges - Student Layouts are up!

I decided to lump together some challenges before giving a report on my progress on adding student images to the class guide pages.

The Elements Challenges, Faithbooking Challenges, and Filter Challenges, now have the student images up on the pages!

I'm not even sure how many are reading and following my progress on the blog.  I'm feeling sort of redundant posting my progress in the Facebook group. Maybe these blog posts, even if no one is reading, are helping me stay motivated.  I SO want to get this project done!

Next up is the font class.  I see I need to turn two pages into 40 new pages (again) and that is time consuming with the navigation menu, but I'm going in full swing!

I am now down to 1,725 student images to add to the classes.  Doesn't that "1" as the first direct look promising! Being as Course 2 along had 4,702 images in it along (which took me months to do), this is feeling promising!


Tammy said…
You are doing SO good!!!

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