I Logged Into a Facebook Account I Deactivated in 2010!

You can friend this Facebook account if you want.  

I created it back in 2007 (August 19), before they had pages, so I could be on Facebook and keep my real me private.

Now that I'm removing Hummie's World, I was searching the name on the internet to see what showed up in the search results and this account showed up! I had last deactivated it in 2010! There were a lot of public posts showing, so I decided to log in to delete them (which is taking me forever to do!). 

 Anyway, I decided to play around and surprise everyone.

I'm not sure what I will do with it after I delete things.  I probably will not log into it much.  

Should I change the name of it?  To what?
Or leave it for remembrance sake?

I won't do me any good to deactivate it again.  Not logging in is almost the same as deactivating.  Really?  What is the purpose of deactivating a Facebook account?


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