Join Me in a Bible Reading and Fellowship

For those that have been following me on Facebook, you may be aware that I have been reading daily for some time with the Good Morning Girls and posting my notes. 

I am going to start my own reading plan (rather than following others online) and hope that you will join me. I am not going to be posting on this blog, but merely on the Facebook page.  I am going to start with the Book of James and thereafter move to reading the Gospels chronologically.

If you are reading with me, click like to let me know. I welcome your fellowship in the comments as well on the reading.

For now, I am just posting on the page, but if you want a more private place to talk with me, post a comment in this Facebook group:

For now, I do not want to put out a reading schedule because I do not want to box myself in to a timeline should some chapters take longer than others. This is just too good to be rushed! Just know that the next day will begin with the next verse.

I was waffling on branching out on my own until I heard the sermon on Sunday.  Pastor described the common situation where someone with loud music sitting in the car next to you is lost in rhythm.  All you can hear is the boom boom boom of the drums as you watch the person oblivious to anyone else watching.

This is the way it should be with living in the rhythm of God.  Our focus should be lost in the rhythm of God until others are either annoyed or they join in.

I sometimes get lost in my pondering while reading God's Word that one verse can be my rhythm for hours on end.  I want others to get lost with me and, if they choose to be annoyed and drive away laughing at me, that's okay too.


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