My 7 Day Progress on Adding Class Images

I just want to give a report for anyone who might be following my progress for adding class images to the class guides. Since I last reported a week ago, I have now finished adding images to:

Font Class
The Fun Extras Class
The Garden Challenge
Journaling Challenges
Moodboard Challenges
Photography Challenges
Photoshop Class

Whew!  I have been working hard behind the scenes.  As I've said before, I SO want this done so I can do new things and maybe even scrap myself.

I am down to 874 images to go!  I'm so DELIGHTED!  It is under 1,000 now! I can do this!

Please leave me a comment and cheer me on if you read this!


AMarie T said…
Good job ! I love seeing all those layouts. Nice that you did it. Take a cup of tea now.
Thanks Anne-Marie! Means a lot that you took time to comment to cheer me on.
Dawn said…
Woohoo!! Under 1,000! You can do it!!
Tammy said…
This is so cool to see your progress!! :)

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