My Honoring Grandpa Kit

I am sharing this as a freebie for the 4th of July weekend.  You can find the downloads here.  Please comment below with a link to your layout if you use this kit and I will add your layout to the page.

I also left it in the store, just in case anyone searching within Etsy finds it, but I lowered the price to $3.75. You can find the kit here.  If you'd rather buy it (i.e. as a donation for tutorials you've watched), it is available there as well.

I created this kit in honor of my Grandpa who was in WWII.  With the 4th of July holiday weekend upon us, I thought of this kit and Grandpa once again.  I really do miss him a lot.  I was blessed to have known him for a very long time.

Here are some other layouts made with this kit.  I actually gave this kit away when I first made it years ago and there are many layouts out there with it that I've seen over the years and I sure wish I would have saved them all.

This last one is actually one I made of two of my sons.  It shows how versatile the kit is even for non-patriotic layouts.


anitab said…
I love this kit, Hummie - and - it was exciting to see that you still have the layouts I made! I need to stop doing research (so addictive) and finish my heritage album. I have over 130 pages, more than one book I guess!
Hummie B said…
You can do it Anita. Just start with layout one.
Maggie Adair said…
I really like the frames & elements in this kit. We're not American & I don't come from a military family, but will see how I can adjust this for my husband who was in the South African army
Yes! This kit is versatile. I even did a band layout with it. Glad you are going to be able to find a use for it.

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