Scrapping Goal Class -- Done! All Student Layouts up!

In my efforts to get all of the student layouts up on the class guide pages, I decided to tackle the remaining one with the most layouts.  The Scrapping Goal class had 839 layouts! I also had to create 60 new pages and navigation menus.  I am happy to report it is done!

Please read the class guide introduction page.  This was a popular class and may be something you are interested in as a motivation to 'just scrap."

I now am down to 2,984 layouts to put on the class guide and the light at the end of the tunnel just got a slight bit larger!  Cheer me on!


I decided on a whim to work on Course 1 because I was surprised I did not have all of the layouts up in this class.  I tried to do Course 1 and 2 first.  I had 101 layouts to add.

Wow! I just put 96 layouts up on this Course 1 class guide page alone!  96! That includes only those layouts that survived the forum, and not any of lurkers or ones I missed.  That is a lot of students to complete this lesson! Now that's something for me to fall asleep on.

Now I am down to 2,883 more layouts.


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