Celebrating 30 years together today!

30th Anniversary Surprise Lily

They say "Lilies on your 30th anniversary showcase the commitment, fidelity and devotion you have for one another" and "Pearls were chosen to represent this anniversary because they take many years to grow inside the mollusk. They form by adding layers over time, growing stronger and more durable. Like the pearl, a marriage grows and becomes stronger and more durable over time. The pearl also represents the beauty and elegance of the marriage."

With the traditional lilies and pearls we begin our 30 decade anniversary together today! In a timely manner, the surprise lilies are blooming all over our yard. I took this photo yesterday.
I took this photo yesterday #surpriselily Read today's notes on #bookofjames http://facebook.com/mycorneronline Tag your images #mycorneronline   Other tags: #biblejournaling #digitalbiblejournaling #digiscrap #digitalscrapbooking #illustratedfaith #faith
Here is another photo I took of a Surprise Lily that I used for today's reading in The Book of James that I posted on Facebook.


Brenda Seek said…
Hee-hee. My momma had a different name for the Surprise lily, naked ladies.

We celebrated our 30th last March, and I didn't know about the pearls and lilies. Hmmm, which one would I have asked for.

Congratulations on making it 30. I hope you have many, many more.
AMarie T said…
Tammy said…
Congratulations to you and your man!!!

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