Follow Your Heart! The Lord directs you!

I am so happy to read comments that some people are still reading here regularly. Do not give up on me yet getting back into digital scrapbooking and making videos.  I still want to in my heart, but I just cannot make myself do it as of yet.

My friend keeps telling me to "Follow your heart! The Lord directs you, so no worries!"  In other words, the Lord is in my heart, so if following my heart is following the Lord.

Right now my heart is more drawn to reading the Bible and writing devotionals and doing graphics, as well as in getting out my camera and doing still life photos.  So that is what I've been doing.

I am also spending time with my husband, which cannot be wrong, and in continuing to make our home into a place we love to be.

However, genealogy and digital scrapbooking are still on my heart and they will come back around some time!

Teaching is still on my heart too and for the next nine weeks I am teaching my night classes, so I have prep work to do.  But teaching online is still in my heart too.

So if there are people here reading, I will try to share more again what we are up to.

I can make a weekly post of all my images I am sharing on Instagram.  They are going to my Flickr page now, as you may have noticed, but I can compile them in a blog post from Flickr.  I will go back a few weeks and do a few for you.


Brenda Seek said…
Thanks. Just keep following the Lord. The rest of us will be fine. But thank you for your faith demonstrations in whatever format they take.
Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment and for your encouragement!

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