Good-bye to Ladybug, our fellow digital scrapbooker

This has happened before where someone I have become acquainted with in the online digital scrapbooking world has passed away. When it is just a name and a personality you come to know it seems as if death is not in the wheelhouse.

Ladybug was a part of my digital scrapbooking community at Hummie's World learning from the tutorials and taking on challenges and helping others. Her real name was Judy Woodard.

She wrote me a private message on July 30 asking for prayers. She left me a very kind message about what the "My Corner Online" Facebook page meant to her and a detailed description of her health problems. It was horrible what she was going through. I am glad that she is without suffering now. She touched many hearts.

I've been aware of her death for several days now and I posted in the group associated with this page, but I felt lead to share here as well.

I consider many of you my online friends and you are not just a name or forum ID and personality behind the screen, but you are real and personal to me. I hear your name and I think fond thoughts of you.n I know that seems strange to some people, but that is the way social networking leads us in this day of technology.

I only prayed once for her on that day she requested on July 30 as life kept my mind in other places, but I did pray, and I feel honored to have been enabled the opportunity to do so. To think in her last days she thought of me and reached out to me to ask for prayer makes me feel that I may have just done some bit of good in this world to glorify God. I had started Hummie's World as a ministry (many of you have heard that story) and just maybe God has used it for more than I can imagine.

Judy also was one of the few digital scrapbookers I found living near me as she was in St. Louis. The closest is in Sikeston, Missouri. This also brought us a connection.

Here is her funeral home tribute wall:!/TributeWall

For those interested, she wrote: To make a really long story as short as I can it stated with serious edema. Have not been able to eat since May. Many tests diverticulitis, colitis, then they said I have sclerosis of liver and now they say my heart is causing my liver is high pressure right side of heart.I still must see a heart specialist. I am living on Ensure now they say my sugar is high and I have to take another pill for that. It is really rough not having friends and family close…thank you for listening and all prayer would be appreciated.


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