My First Rodeo - Photos!

Here is a slideshow of photos I took at my first rodeo!
Can you believe I'm 51 years old and never been to a rodeo?  Crazy the things I've never done.  I do not know why my parents never took me.  However, we have either been too poor or it is because it has always been the week of our wedding anniversary and we have been traveling away from home and unable to go.

Since we were too poor to travel this year and my car is not trustworthy to travel and I cannot afford a new one, we stayed home and were able to go to the Sikeston Bootheel Rodeo.  I wanted to see the bullfighting, but never having been before, did not realize it was only on Thursday and Friday night, but we went Wednesday night.  Maybe another year we can go again.

Of course, I absolutely love getting my camera out to play! My photos pale in comparison to the professionals with the zoom lenses and who are allowed up close. I would have to buy a more expensive ticket to sit at the fence.  Maybe another year we can do that.  We had pretty good seats for camera use, however.  We had a great view and the sun was at my back.  The only problem was that we were on the 16th row and so far away! Being on the 16th row was good in that I could take photos over the fence, so it was a win-loose situation.

It was really hot out but we had a great time regardless.


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