Sad Sad Blog

I realize I'm not posting here much anymore.

I am not even copying my Instagram photos here. Should I be?


The stats are so low it seems no one reads here any more.  Everyone is reading on Instagram.  Not even Facebook. Not even Twitter.  Even though I post there too and read regularly. I get more likes on Instagram than anywhere else.

Almost no one comments on my blog.

I changed my domain name and lost all my page rank.  People do not see me any more.

I'm talking to myself.

I am reading my Bible a lot and sharing my notes on Facebook daily.  I am sharing photos daily. I have gotten my camera out and have enjoyed it.  Why post those photos here when no one will see?

I even share freebies here and on Facebook group and almost no one downloads and almost no one uses it (I say almost, but it is virtually no one). Why should I share any more?

Why should I create any more to share?  Why should I make new tutorials if no one will see them?

No freebie hunters pick me up and share me any anymore.

I was once called "famous" often.  More times than I could believe.  Now I am a nobody again.

Once a nobody.  Always a nobody.

Except to Christ.  He calls me somebody. That's all that matters.


Brenda Seek said…
I follow through Feedly which may not show up. I would miss your posts. I have been following your process of updating your class photos. I have benefitted greatly from the information but don't post any examples because I don't feel very creative. I collect lots of digital supplies, but then can't find what I want when I need it. I was very bad about keeping the designers TOU so am hesitant to post anything that might be illegal.

I don't do Instagram. Is that something I should be jumping on the band wagon of? Sometimes I feel like I can barely keep up as it is.

I love your heart. Sometimes the audience of one is the only one that matters, but our prideful self wants more..
AMarie T said…
I don't do Instagram either. I'm the 'almost no one' who downloads, shares and comments. Well, this blog is the last link I keep with you.
The less you create and share, the less people will keep in touch.

I share freebies on my blog, too, and almost no one says 'thank you' either. However I continue to share, because I enjoy sharing, giving and giving always, no matter if I don't receive.
Luke 6:32 ^
If you have love for those who have love for you, what credit is it to you? for even sinners have love for those who have love for them.

(and, just to let you know... Template #9 link is wrong, got template #8 again)
Have a great day, Hummie.
Yes! You are one of the reasons I keep sharing here. I haven't been creating new things in such a long time as well. I want to now that I am done with adding all those images to the site, but I cannot seem to find the mojo to sit down and do anything quite yet.

Very few on Facebook do anything with anything I share there either.

My friend keeps telling me to do what is in my heart and it will be following the Lord since the Lord is in my heart. So I enjoy doing photography and sharing still life. Should I keep blogging those?

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