Did Adam and Eve Have Navels?

Did Adam and Eve have Navels? by Dennis Tice

Did Adam and Eve have navels or a blank spot where it should be?
Do other folks lie awake at night or is it only me,
Thinkin' about the question that plagues all mankind?

H m m m m

Belly-button fuzz wuzza part of creation, how could I be so blind?
I think I'll start a church someday to preach this creed of mine.
Cause Adam and Eve had navels and I'll prove it at the end of time.
Sure "God is love" and "Jesus saves" but what about this truth?
I found the answer just last year in John Chapter 2
Seek out the truth, the truth will set you free.

Wait upon the Lord in all sincerity,
And then you'll reach the highest level of Christianity.
When you become a Navelist, your eyes will finally see,
That Adam and Eve had navels, I'm telling you today,
Yeah, I'm splitting hairs for Jesus and that makes it all okay,
And I'm going to take you deeper then your eyes can currently see.

I'm splitting hairs for Jesus for more spirituality.
I shared this truth with all the land and Navelism grew.
A thousand members growing strong, (cause I preach salvation too).
But now the church is splitting over some technicality,
Did their buttons go in or pop out, how picky can they be?

P.S. I don't know about you, but I reread John Chapter 2 three times until I finally figured out the writer's funny.  Plus, I'm not sure what this highest level of Christianity is, so maybe it is just a funny too.

P.S.S.  I searched for this on the internet and found this (click here) which appears to be lyrics of an expanded form. This version says "1 John 2" and I still do not see the answer, do you?


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