Getting to Know You Facebook Meme

Seems everyone is doing this so I'll play. Maybe you will learn something interesting about me. Maybe not. Anything you didn't know?

Please play. I'd like to read your answers. You can put them in the comments below.

Been Married •• yes, 30 years
Been divorced •• no
Fallen in love •• yes
Been heartbroken •• yes
Gone on a blind date •• no
Skipped school •• ah, never ever would I back in the day
Watched someone give birth •• no
Watched someone die •• yes, so hard
Been to Canada •• no
Ridden in an ambulance •• no
Been to Hawaii •• yes, Kauai for 25th wedding anniversary
Been to Las Vegas •• no desire to
Been to Washington DC •• no
Been to Nashville •• yes
Visited Florida •• yes
Visited Mexico •• no
Seen the Grand Canyon in person • no, want to
Flown in a helicopter •• yes, in Hawaii
Served on a jury •• no
Been in a movie •• yes, Gone Girl
Danced in the rain •• yes, all the time
Been to Los Angeles •• yes, but only at LAX airport on way to Hawaii
Been to New York City •• no
Played/Sung in a band •• no, what, me sing?
Sang karaoke •• no, what, me sing?
Laughed so much you cried •• yes
Laughed so hard you peed •• yes, even when I sneeze
Caught a snowflake on your tongue •• yes, so fun
Had children •• yes, 3
Had/have pets •• yes, love my dogs,
Been sledding on big hill •• yes, even as adult when my boys would not go
Been downhill skiing •• no
Been water skiing •• yes
Ridden on a motorcycle •• yes, like once with my brother a very short distance, I hate motorcycles with a passion
Traveled to all 50 states •• no, but my Grandparents did
Jumped out of a plane •• no, but would be fun
Been to a drive-in movie •• yes, I am old
Ridden a camel •• no
Ridden a horse •• yes, love it
Been on TV •• yes, the news
Been in the newspaper •• yes
Stayed in the hospital •• yes, 3 nights, one for each birth
Donated blood •• yes, they always want my O-negative, but they have trouble finding my vein and it often fails
Gotten a piercing •• yes, just my ears at age 16
Gotten a tattoo •• no
Driven a stick shift vehicle •• no
Been scuba diving •• no
Been snorkeling •• yes, in Hawaii twice
Ridden in the back of a police car •• no
Gotten a speeding ticket •• yes, about Nov 22, 1990, ask me how I know that date
Broken a bone •• no
Gotten stitches •• no
Traveled Alone •• no
Been to Europe •• no, I wish
Now it's your turn. Copy and paste to your status, then change the answers to your own. Let's see what you got.


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