iNSD (interNational Scrapbooking Day)

National Scrapbook Day began in 1994 by Creative Memories and is celebrated on the first Saturday each May.  When digital scrapbooking started in the early 2000's (ie, 2003), the holiday was celebrated, but scrappers realized digital scrapbooking was a global community and the "i" for "international" was added to include all scrappers around the world.

To celebrate this day, you will find challenges, sales, freebies, and chats galore.

DSD (Digital Scrapbooking Day) History

I wrote the below history on 10/28/10.

Susan White started DSD (also known as iNDSD) in 2007. The first day was Saturday, November 3, 2007.

I still prefer to just call it DSD (see here). The reason that people add the "international" is because the NSD (National Scrapbooking Day) in the Spring was first created as a United States day before the rise in digital scrapbooking. When digital scrapbookers began joining in on the day, they found a need to make it global and call it iNSD (international Digital Scrapbooking Day). Therefore, many people confuse the two days and try to insert an "in" before "DSD."

Susan first announced DSD on July 18, 2007, but the location of the post was kept secret.

Susan contacted me to help get the word out about the new day and we both launched blog posts on August 16, 2010. (Her post) (my post) I was honored to have been a part of digital scrapbooking history running a "blog tailgate party" for DSD. Many designers came forward to give out prizes. Each day for 27 days we drew a number from a bowl and announced a winner (see photos here). It was remarkable to watch the forums discussions regarding DSD around the digiworld take off in full force following my post.

I understand that Angie Pederson also helped behind the scenes to get this day started. I was honored to meet Angie in St. Louis in March of 2009 (see photo).

DSD 2010

To follow DSD in 2010, join the Facebook Group.
Digital Scrapbooking Day will be held Saturday, November 6, 2010

DSD 2016
I saw this on a Facebook page, "After much discussion and cooperation between shops throughout the digital scrapbooking community, Digital Scrapbook Day has officially been moved to the first weekend in October!"

So they have moved it up an entire month.  It makes me sad a little bit that something that has been standard since 2007 has been changed.  I wonder why? Are they trying to get it away from the holidays?  I can only guess.


The link to the facebook group says page not found. Just wanted to let you know.

Yay for DSD!
Angie Pedersen said…
Nice historical review, Hummie! :)

I definitely helped "behind the scenes" - it was pretty much my idea. :) I approached Susan with the idea as a way to market Triscape and their FxFoto digital scrapbooking software. After that first conversation, we started making lists and just ran with it.

Our schedules have prevented us from promoting it this year, which is unfortunate - we both still passionately believe in the message of DSD, as a yearly reminder to "set aside some time to preserve, document, and archive their memories digitally." We can only hope that next year eases up a bit, and we can do more to gather information about activities taking place in the digital community.

I have some updated links for you:

Why There's No National in Digital Scrapbooking Day:

Original press release:

And my more up-to-date sites:

Thanks again for the plug, and write-up!
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Minoush said…
Thanks for the history about the DSD!
I was surfing through www to find information and differents about the National Scrapbooking Day and the Digital Scrapbooking Day.
It is a bit confusing that there are two similar days.
Because of your text and the comment of Angie Pederson I understand now.
Thank you so much!
I loved your article.Really looking forward to read more.

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