Instagram Photos August 28-Sept 4

#prompt {blue} my Dad bought my sons' root beer in this bottle in Pilot Knob Missouri where his Grandma's heart remained. I miss my Dad and this reminds me of him.

#prompt {favorite pastime) I have SO many ways I like to pass the time but by far my favorite is "river wallowing" -- that is to stick a low beach chair in the river and enjoy the water against my skin and the views and whatever might float by. Here Tizzy is on my lap in the Current River 

#prompt {self-portrait} First time playing with the timer to take photo of self! Whew. I'm exhausted running back and forth. You should see all the out-takes of the girls jumping up for snacks! I had a very limited time to get them to sit beside me as they followed me to the camera every time. What a workout, but fun!

#prompt {indulge} in worship I've been wanting to pick the green sedum in my yard before it turns pink to play with it. Looks great in my counter vase too! Tried to think out of the box of food for this prompt.

Let's sprinkle a little pretty on this day!

#prompt {natural light} I struggled with this one. I set up still life & nothing worked for me. Then as I was walking out the door to work light came in the window. So I snapped away. Anything and everything. This is the light coming through the curtains. Found black and white to highlight the natural light more.

#prompt {self-portrait} I tried to think of something that said "me" and this is it! Here I am at age 51 and I still sit #indianstyle more than any other way. Even in my work chair one foot is under my behind. No matter how hard I try, I can't put my legs straight. I sit on my bed like this to work on my laptop! I go to Bible studies and sit on the floor! My Grandma's Great-Grandma was #indian I wonder? Is that it? How often does this challenge so those theme? ack!!!


Ruth316 said…
Love your photos! Great eye for detail. Creative! Imagination!
A sweet surprise for me to see you comment. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.

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