Flickr Notifications

If you are a Flickr users, you may agree with me on this.  I am amazed that it has taken them this long to add notifications to Flickr for comments and likes.  I have had them on my phone app, but not on my browser.  I've often wondered why.  For a "social" website, isn't it important to get notifications of when someone comments so you can read the comments?  Yes, we could get notifications by email, but that just filled my inbox and took coordination between email and the website to work.

I may just start being able to use Flickr a little better now!

I see another new feature in that you can "star" your favorite groups to show the latest posts in your stream.

I am glad to see that Yahoo, who owns Flickr, is still improving the service.  Sometimes with all their problems, such as the recent security breach from 2014 that took two years to reveal, that they show a sign of hope of continuing to exist.


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