I've Blogged 10 Years!

On October 3, 2016, I quietly to myself celebrated my 10 year anniversary of blogging.  I started blogging October 3, 2006.  I have been extremely busy and unable to post anything on my blog, but decided I would mention it today.  You can leave me comments if you read this to celebrate with me.  Ah! 

Well, honestly, since I changed the URL the views on this blog daily have gone down extremely. I no longer have the page rank I used to have and hope that I can build that back up, so sharing my blog on your website with a link here, or even my website, is always appreciated.  That is how I get page rank and people find my blog.

I looked at the stats on my blog and took the screen shot above.  Wow!  That is actually ONE MILLION Two Hundred Sixty Thousand Three Hundred Eighteen views.  That's 126,031 views per year. That's 10,503 views per month. That's an average of 345 views per day.

That just floors me!

Long gone are the days when my blog was popular and I was called "famous" often.  I used to shake my head in wonderment that little 'ol unimportant nobody me that I experience in real life was interesting enough that others wanted to read every word I wrote.

So I'm back to little 'ol me and that's okay.


Brenda Seek said…
Congratulations! You are famous still to some of us. I appreciate all you have done to advance my understanding of scrapboooking, photoshop, and bible journaling. You are a rock star and I want to be like you when I grow up (just kidding). I follow you on several formats, just not Instagram. I never got into that. I decided I don't need one more time sucking vice. By the time I check my Facebook, my camper forum, my aggregate feeder (Feedly), Pinterest, Flicker, another forum, and my You Tube subscriptions half the day is wasted. I keep thinking looking at other peoples creativity will spark my own, but it just makes me feel inadequate and hopeless. Your humility is one of the things I cherish about your posts. I don't feel like you are flaunting your achievements like others web content providers, just sharing so others can benefit. Thanks for 10 years of innovation and success.
Brenda! Wow! Your words sure did make my day. Thanks for the sweet surprise!
cowthy said…
you're still famous to me!
Tammy said…
Famous to me, too!! Congratulations. :)
Warm fuzzies right back at you two!

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