Text on a Path

The first is using the text on a path tool in Photoshop Elements which was new with version 10.  The second video is how to utilize text on a path that is created in the full version and imported into PSE (or back into the full version).
You can get my Text on a Path in the store here if you want to play for only $2.50.  Even if you know how to make the paths, using one already created is such a time saver (and a thinking saver!). 


gran2boys said…
This is a great feature, but I may have to wait on buying. I am using 9 so I have everything but this feature. I may wait for 11 (since they seem to come out with a new version every year!) or at least until Costco has it on sale. I like the fact that Costco has a learning video from Scrapper's Guide.

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