The Bottom End Thins!!

There is a serial one-ply purchaser on the loose! Charity donations are piling up! Even the needy don't deserve this thinness! Go ahead--post your pun. I've heard plenty of laughs already. Smiles may now continue.

Apparently someone at work has been buying the wrong toilet paper.  We could not figure out where they housekeeper kept coming up with all the one-ply tissue.  It was collected and then we sent for more paper to be purchased.  This has been going on for quiet a few weeks.  Apparently, instead of buying the brands he was told to buy, he continued to buy other cheep brands.  We thought it was the housekeeper having a stash somewhere and it wasn't that at all!

I've been trying to figure out how to get that perfect amount to pull as much from the roll as I can to cover my hand generously without it being too big to clog the toilet.  This stuff needs to be used up so the new stuff that is bought can be used.  Nope, the new stuff bought was just as bad!  I mean really, this stuff is so thin I might as well be just using my hand!

My husband called it The Bottom End Thins and I thought that was so good it became the title of this post.  

I'd love to hear your "caption this" in the comments below.


Tammy said…
We use that Scott tp...giggle.
Joanne K said…
So you ALL need to TELL the Boss, and the accountant, and the housekeeper that EVERYONE uses just enough paper to keep their hands away from their business. It doesn't matter if it is the sleaziest one ply or the deluxe triple. it is still JUST ENOUGH.

The triple deluxe just shows that they VALUE you as members of the team.
PLUS it doesn't clog the pot so often, and that saves on plumber bills.

Only telling the boss, or the housekeeper won't help. They all need to know. If you have someone on staff that will say it out loud, at a staff meeting, it will surely work!

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